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Monday, December 31, 2012

Elyrian Brides II: Sancecrea is FREE today on Amazon!

And it's live! You can pick up your free copy of Izan's and Crea's revised story on Amazon here: Elyrian Brides II: Sancecrea

It is free today only!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sancecrea Revision!

Sooooooooooooo...since I did a revision of Sancecrea I decided to offer her free to all and sundry tomorrow. The ending hasn't changed, I've just added some details.

My muse is on somewhat of a hiatus. She's sending me ideas but we haven't hatched anything yet. I figured I'd take the holidays to relax and reconnect with the family. That's what I decided. *lqtm* But the ideas they still get me.

I truly have to reconnect with family and friends. I have the tendency to shut everyone and everything out. I have to salute the writers and storytellers who can do it with children under the roof. You can't tell the little one mommy or daddy will play with them after the release date. You'd miss so much if you did. I don't know how they do it and again I salute them.

I'm getting my house back in order over the holiday. *chuckle* It looks like a cyclone hit a paper factory and then my house. Ideas all over the place. I need to get them back where they belong. I have a feeling after our holiday break my muse will have me typing away again.

I know I didn't give a release date for my next and I'm working on that. I'll announce it here on my blog. I like having a deadline. It keeps me to my writing schedule.

Welp, other than that, all is cool with my world and I hope everyone is enjoying their particular holiday(s). There are pics up on my page of my birthday dinner at Medieval Times this year. *chuckle* Got to love my family.

Happy New Year!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sooo busy!

Ok, here I go again! *chuckle* The holiday season is upon me and I'm working like mad on my day time JOB and my stories.

I'm trying to put out TWO stories just before the holidays! *smiling* I love it!  I'm revising Sancecrea while I'm at it, too. Me and someone who loves Izan had a chat. They felt I left out some stuff. So, I added some stuff. *smirks* I'll be offering it at a discounted price some time this month.

Then there's Seven! Me and my muse came to a conclusion. There are a lot more adventures to Seven. *points at Muse* Don't blame me! So I finished this portion of Seven's story and published it this morning! At 3:00 am! I bounced right back up at 8:30 am to get back to work. I took today off from the full-time JOB to enjoy my birthday and I am!

Seven's complete first story can be purchased TTOC HERE for $0.99 today only.

Now, I must get back to work. I've got people side-eyeing me for more stories. I must type faster!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo starts today!

Sooooooooooo much happening with my Elyrian Brides.  I am tooling away on Octavia's next book when I realize that I may need to look at Athena's story again. Ugh! I hope I can make my deadline.  So to that end, I'm going to use NaNoWriMo to help me push Octavia's story out. Then once it is out maybe then I can see what has to be done with Athena's story to make them mesh. Why do they have to mesh? Because they are sisters and I wrote that they would talk. Ugh! Why did I do that? *smh lqtms*

NaNoWriMo says I should write 1667 words a day. That's around 50,000 words. If I follow their rules I'll be over that for Octavia. So maybe I won't even take the whole month. But it is my goal to write at least the recommended wordage per day.

So I'm going to be super busy for the rest of the year. Especially with personal commitments and the holidays coming up. So I won't be around to blog. Hopefully, Athena will be launched without much revamping to be done and on time. Then I can settle down and tune into the brides on Elyria.

It is my aim to publish the next series of books all at one time. I read the criticisms and was perplexed. Then I remembered, those who so graciously chose to read my stories don't live in my head. *chuckle* So they can't see the rest of the story until after I write it down and publish it. So I'm going to publish them all at once. I want to do them right so that all will hopefully be made clear. I really do love where the story is going.

Also, I am very tickled to have had my first interview here. I was just tickled and humbled to be asked. I really enjoyed doing it and Nulli Para Ora asks some great questions. Not to mention she is an awesome writer in her own right.

So, bear with me. I've suspended story time until I'm finished with Octavia's story. Besides, I am impatiently yet patiently waiting for the drawing of Shawntiqua. I've seen a sketch. *bounces happily* She is a hottie! *chuckle* Can't wait to get going on her again.

Also, shout out to the universe of writers and storytellers: Talk to your muses! *chuckle* Seriously! I'm getting ideas for stories I don't do. I declare one morning I woke up with the best idea for the sequel to a popular movie. I remember thinking what an awesome idea and fell asleep again. I woke up not being able to remember the idea but knowing I had it before or at least dreamed it.


That's all for now.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inspiration, vacation, and pictures!

*yawns and stretches*

Man! I am burning the candle at all the ends these days. Since I came back from my vacation my muse has been on a roll. She is double thinking! Maybe even triple thinking!

I try to sleep and she’s talking kings, queens, and things unseen! *chuckles* Truly, she gave me two new story ideas on vacation. She’s showing me my next series. She’s mapping out the story that I’ve had in my head the longest. That heffa, the character not my muse, snagged yet one more song! *lqtms* She has a soundtrack going on now!  When I publish the first story in her series, I need Tyler Perry or someone to call me about making her movies.  Seriously.  Her tale is epic!

Plus, being on vacation made me see Baltimore differently. I took a cruise with my sister who is not a partier so I ended up resting more than I normally would on vacation. I even *gasp* left my laptop at home! You have no idea how much I did not want to leave it behind. But my muse wanted me to leave it and I did and I'm glad I did. I actually relaxed and when I relaxed the ideas flowed like water from a babbling brook. It was and still is just sweetness!

I took all the tours at each port we stopped in.  I realized that I didn’t know nearly as much of Baltimore’s story as I should. I found each little town fascinating for different reasons.  Baltimore’s history is just as rich and it is where I live.

So I have started doing the touristy thing with Baltimore. *chuckle* I took some pictures too! I uploaded them to my Facebook page and I figured I might as well put them here too.  A few of the pictures are of the buildings and one place in particular mentioned in Elyrian Brides: Sancecrea.

And yes they were taken from inside my car! Stop playing! The hood is real. People were looking at my parked car funny as it was. *chuckle*

Really funny and strange thing is that while I was debating if I wanted to take more than two quick pics of Crea’s spa, from inside my car, two little Caucasian girls jogged by me just as unconcerned.  I watched them in awe and shock. My thoughts were: What the hell are y’all doing out there? This is the hood! *smh smiling*

They jogged on by seemingly oblivious.  Or maybe they were shadows of things to come. Seriously they looked like two college girls, no older than 19-20.  There is a revitalization project going on but as you will see, it ain’t reached that part of North Avenue yet. I don’t expect it for another 20 years or more. But one never truly knows what the future holds, do they?

But several blocks down from the building are some new condos. Still, that was a far jog and I wouldn’t have advised it. *shrug*

The picture above is the Baltimore Cemetery that is mentioned in Elyrian Brides: Sansecrea. It is where North Avenue dead ends as if to say that if you stay here too long, it is waiting. But then Death is waiting for us all but it would be nice to die somewhere a lot nicer if you got the chance.

This is the front building of Crea's spa. I know I took a few liberties in the book but that is how I would redo it if given the chance. And no I would not make it into a spa. *smirk* You may be seeing more of this building in other stories.

Here is the side view.  As you can see there is a front building, a connector and then the back building which is three stories tall. Man the things that could be done with this whole block. As you see there are more houses just past the buildings. Most are boarded up and empty. Not a good spot for me to park or two little Caucasian girls to jog past. However, I did and they did. *still smh*

There are more pictures of Baltimore on my Facebook page here: Baltimore to my touristy eyes.

So that is what is going on with me. Oh! One more thing! I've started what a friend has entitled #RatchetStoryHour on Twitter. *chuckle*

It is basically a very ratchet and hood fairytale about two fairies named Shawntiqua and Booty and their quest to restore Majic to the hood. Yes, Majic. If you have a chance, do tune in. I do it on the fly. Seriously, with the other stories I am working on I don't have time to write anything out before hand. I just type what my muse shows me and hope it makes sense.

I do story telling Monday thru Friday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST in the USA. So do feel free to check me out if you are looking for some free entertainment. My Twitter screen name is still CCDreamz.

Just a reminder, I'm human and have human things to do.  So I sometimes have to skip a day or two. Or like with my vacation a week! So have patience with me when I'm not able to get online. I do try to announce if there will be no story hour that night so people can plan accordingly.

That is all I can think of for now.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And I'm back for more!

Whew! I'm still going through all my stories. I found yet another box full of stories, ideas and poems.  What so often happens is that once I get bored with a story or I've got too many of them running around in my head, I'll jot down some notes.  I've been doing that for years!

Hence the file cabinet, boxes, and bag of stories.  Do I have enough time to write all these stories out?  I can only hope and dive in and do my best.  I hope I will entertain others as I have entertained myself down through the years.

Nothing like laughing at the pictures in your own head and having people give you the whole seat on the bus. What? *wide eyed stare* That's what I wanted in the first place! *lqtms* Hey, the buses in Baltimore city are almost always over crowded.  I swear the only reason I broke down and bought a car this year was because of one of the last bus rides I had last year.  The bus was so crowded that I had had more pelvises pressed against me than a hooker when the sailors hit the harbor.  Ugh!  Not a fond memory.

So the cataloging continues. Thinking about stories that I'd like to flesh out and others that make me wonder what I was drinking at the time I wrote them up.  Those stories do not resemble any fantasy I've ever dreamed up.  However, the handwriting is all mine so I know I came up with the idea just not how or why.

Eh! It is entertaining me while the summer reruns bore everyone else.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Annnnnnnnnnnd I'm back!

*slides across the hardwood floor ala Risky Business and flops down to blog*

I just got the nicest compliment on Elyrian Brides: Octavia!  I’ve got three comments so far and all three gave it five stars.  I am touched by all three comments but the one that was the nicest to me stated that they didn’t normally like science fiction but that they thoroughly enjoyed my book. *sits smiling*  That was the most awesome thing for me to read today.  I needed that boost.

The reason I needed the boost?  Because I released Elyrian Brides: Sancecrea yesterday! *trying not to hyperventilate*  Seriously, Crea’s character comes from a whole different side of Baltimore.  I really like her and was afraid I didn’t do her story justice.  So I’m sitting here on tender hooks to see how people will receive the story.  It is just that I feel like I could have done better with her story.  Then I thought the same about Octavia.  And I’ll probably feel the same about Athena. *exasperated sigh at self*

Of note is that one of the readers who read Octavia’s story has already commented that she liked Crea’s story and felt I did a good job with it. She finished it in one night! *whew*  She said she understood her and she laughed and got mad.  Ok!  I think I got the story across to at least one person.  I hope I did for everyone who will pick up her story.  It can be purchased on Amazon here: Elyrian-Brides-Sancecrea

I am glad that people are reading it and enjoying it.  I am proud that I gave myself a deadline and stuck to it.  I am on a deadline for Athena’s story and am tooling along on it.  Lord willing and my computer doesn’t explode and my backups don’t turn to mush and the world doesn’t end, Athena’s story will be ready in time for the holidays.

I hope to have finished Seven’s story by then also.  My muse wants me to add more scenes before the ending.  I want to skip to the ending.  I’ve been looking forward to the ending for some time now.  I’ve always had this finish in mind from the first word until now.  So I just need to buckle down and do the dang thing.

Busy times ahead.  Yikes!  But I am really enjoying what I am doing.  And I am glad to know that some people are enjoying what I am doing.

It is strange, when almost no one was reading the book I was going along oblivious to the world around me and just typing away.  Once people started to like my book and a few have even friended me on FB – just a few I have 8 likes but still more than I expected – I realized that I didn’t want to let people down.  I’m going to put my all into Athena right now.  I want to be able to look at it and feel like I put my best foot forward for those who take the time to read the story.  Everyone’s time and money is precious.  I never want to lose sight of that fact.

Wow this has been an amazing year so far.  Two books on Amazon and working on two more.  And since my sister was terribly disappointed that she didn't have a physical book for me to autograph I have published Octavia’s story on CreateSpace.  So she can order herself a real live book and I can autograph it for her. *chuckle*  My family.  Gotta love them.

I told her to print it and I’d be glad to sign it but watching her face fall *sighs*.  It only took about three hours of my time and I am rather pleased with the finished product.  It is much more expensive since these are books on demand but it will be there for anyone who prefers a book to hold and caress and pages to turn.  Here is the finished product.

The physical book can be purchased on CreateSpace here: Elyrian Brides: Octavia on CreateSpace for now.  I have been assured that in no more than seven business days it will also link up to my Amazon page.  It was a pretty cool process.  It took me three hours to get everything situated on the pages the way I wanted and then design the cover.  Then this afternoon I gave it a final proof and approved.  Not bad for doing it myself if I do say so myself.

Amazon thought of everything, e-bookshelves, CreateSpace, and even a free e-reader for download to any PC/Laptop if you don’t have an e-reader.

Welp!  That is tricks for now.  Let me get back to story telling.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My muse called me boring...

*chuckling* Well, that's what it seemed like. I was doing some editing of book two of The Elyrian Brides and I kept falling asleep! *chuckles*  It finally dawned on me that some of the action scenes that I alluded to but never went into need to be hashed out.

I thought they were going to be ugly to do but it turns if the scene I saw open up yesterday is any indication then it won't be as bad as I thought. I just hate throwing drama and hard times at my characters. Yes, I know, without struggle there really is no plot. I just wish that they could sail simply and easily into their ever afters. But that is not reality. Heck even fairytales have strife in them. And anything worth having is worth fighting for. Love is definitely worth the fight when you have the right person.

So while I'm hashing things out with Book II of EB and Seven's tale because I finally figured out where I was going wrong on her story too take a look at a short story I worked out with some people I know in real life. The names have all been changed except for one and she's a ghost so I hope it doesn't matter much. She's my friends' ghost and that is the name they gave her. We really don't know her name for sure. *chuckle*

This story was borne out of the belief that black folk wouldn't do horror stories. Well of course we can! And we would. You just have to have the right circumstances. *chuckle* I've even got a paranormal story floating around in my head. I hope someday to have the time to write it all down. For now, have a peek at The Weekend Getaway.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

As the plots turn...

So, I’m tooling along revamping what I thought was book two of Elyrian Brides when my muse pulls me up short.  And a new character I have never thought of just shows up out of the blue.  Truth be told I had toyed with the idea of an around the way girl but nothing in detail.  Also, not as a main character, more of a supporting character.

My muse had other ideas.  Up popped her story, back story, opening scene and lines! LOL Here’s a snippet:
“But, girl, they’re yellow.”
Sancecrea Jeane’ Wilson’s neck did the black girl neck twist like no one else could.  With it she could curse you out, crack you up, and piss you off all with the one move.
“And their money is still green!  Don’t be no fool!”
Her friend Denay scrunched up her face.  “Say what you want, Crea, but it is weird.  I ain’t hanging out with no yellow dudes.  You can go over there without me.”
Sancerea, or Crea to her friends shook her head in disgust as she got up from the table and made her way through the noisy crowd in the club toward the group of yellow men who had just arrived.  The aliens had their own VIP section and any and all black women were welcome to party with them.  Well, if you could call it partying.
They kept a section just for themselves and female guests.  They bought bottles and rounds a plenty but they drank none of it.  They seemed to enjoy the company of the women.
Crea had her eye on one in particular but every time she saw him her mind went blank.  Everything about him said trouble in flashing neon letters.  Crea was well accustomed to the type and she wanted to get next to the yellow one yet to be named, as she thought of him, in the worst way.
Every time she tried someone, another Elyrian or black chick seemed to be in her way.  She had peeped him checking her out from time to time.  He always smiled and winked at her then went back to talking to whoever he was talking to at the time.  He always seemed to be in the midst of party but not part of it.
All the Elyrians had cash to burn or long money.  Somehow, though, she got the feeling that he was the one in charge.  He excited her and scared her a little, too.  All the more reason for her to get next to him. 
I love my muse.  Truly I do but she is a bit of a trickster.  Or perhaps she’s just smarter than me.  I’m all ready to head to Elyria and begin the next story.  I am quite amused at the twists and turns for Octavia.  Poor Kade is all I’m going to say.

However, my muse says there are other stories to tell on this side of the universe before I head on over to Elyria.

In the meantime though, here is chapter 17 of The Thief of Callandaria.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Elyrian Brides

Elyrian Brides: Octavia

This is me! This is me! This is me!!!!! *feet kicking air excitedly*
I cannot believe it. I can't believe how ridiculously happy seeing this makes me. *chuckle* Yeah, I know. Couldn't I have done something better with the cover?  In time. In time. I'm learning and enjoying this journey.

I actually did design a better cover but I didn't know how to turn it into a jpeg at the time. I know now. So I'll be ready for Book Two! I am hard at work on it while still working on Seven's story and about three others. Mercy!  And work too! lol

This story has evolved so much since I first started it on scraps of paper a decade ago.  Even with all the changes and rewrites I never saw the ending coming.  My muse even keeps me guessing. It is all in good fun though because I love the twists and turns.

There is a part in the book where Octavia and her sister are discussing what color the children will be. Octavia says that Kade is expecting a light brown child while she is looking for something in a pastel yellow. I'm typing and cracking up at the same time because even as I picked a color for the Elyrians I never wondered what color their children would be until I was typing out that scene. *chuckle*

I had fun with it and I am looking forward to working on the next story...*sighs* and all the ones I'm working on right now.

In the meantime, this is where the book can be bought. Elyrian Brides: Octavia I want to holler so bad but I don't want to scare the neighbors.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I'm published!!!!!

*runs around screaming* Yes! I am that excited. *chuckle* Now to wait for someone to say yay or girl, sit your azz down somewhere and stop the story telling. *lol*

Don't worry.  I have NOT quit my day job.

*feet tapping with excitement*

Friday, April 20, 2012


I am sitting here on pins and needles.  I just uploaded my first story to Kindle Publishing.  Elyrian Brides: Octavia by Sunshine Taylor Reddick.  *shaking my head in wonder*

I can’t believe it.  The pen name is a nod to my father, maternal grandfather (love that man who I never met), and my mother.  I like it and it suits me.

So now I sit and wait to see if anyone is interested in what I have to say.  It would be nice if at least one person liked the story.  It is part of a series of stories that I’ve been working on for over a decade.

I know, a decade! *chuckle*  It all started one day when I was watching a talk show.  There were men and women from each skin color represented.  They were all discussing why they didn’t date their own skin color.  I think that is the weirdest craziest thing in the world but I digress.

Anyway, when they got to the black man...I don’t even remember what he said.  I just remember how sad he made me feel with his words.  I turned away from the tv and started to write a story about a world where black women are adored.  That is where I came up with the idea for these stories.

It is such a hateful world out there.  It seems like so much of it is directed at women right now.  There are so many books worshipping every other woman on the planet.  Black romance novels are just that, black romances.  I thought it would be nice if someone put us on a pedestal or at least tried.

I really like these stories and characters.  I just wish I was a writer.  *chuckle* I am not a writer.  I am a story teller.  I love telling stories and dreaming them up.  I just wish my writing skills were better. *sighs*  If wishes were money…

Anyhoodles, may the Lord God grant me a receptive audience and my own little niche…or big niche.  I’m not choosy.  I’ll take a cottage industry like Tyler Perry’s to quote Time Magazine.  *cheesy smile*

Monday, March 5, 2012

The argument continues...

My muse and I are still going over just how many more scenes are left to this story. *sighs* I don't know why I am even bothering.  It is not like my muse will leave me be until the story is completed they way he/she wants it. *eye rolls*

The argument is an exercise in futility.  To that end, Chapter 16 of TTOC.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Me and my muse.

Me and my muse are having a disagreement.  I say there are 3 scenes left in TTOC.  My muse says there’s more.  Pray for me.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Projects

So, I've been kicking around this idea in my head for the past 10 days or so. I'm skeptical about it because it is a horror story and I just don't normally do them.  I've only done one and that was in high school for Lit class. I got an A on it.  My teacher liked the surprise ending. I was surprised she was surprised. *chuckle* Then, I usually can figure out where a story is going long before it gets to the end.  I stopped reading mysteries because the last one I read, I figured out who the murderer was by page 50 and I had a few hundred pages left to read. And it was a very good story.  It was even made into a movie. *chuckle* That's just the way my mind has always worked.

Still *shrug* my muse doesn't normally go in for that kind of stuff.

I thought it was just one of those ideas that swirl around my head for a moment and then disappears after awhile.  Then I saw how the story ends and realized, it could be my sort of thing after all. *chuckle* Now to figure out when, where and how it starts. I already know the why and a few of the who.

For the record, there is nothing wrong with Horror stories. I love a good scary story. Scary, not necessarily gory. I am a Stephen King stan! *chuckle* Though I haven't read any of his recent stuff. I've been too busy working on my own stuff.

Maybe when I get a few more of these stories out of my head, I'll have time to put some other people's stories into my head.

To that end here is Chapter 15 of TTOC.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Chapter 14 TTOC

Well, looky me. I'm back with chapter 14. I'm kind of in a hurry to finish this up now. I have another project or rather projects I'd like to get busy on. So without further ado...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 13 TTOC

Happy New Year!  And new chapter! *chuckle*

Yeah, I know, whole year later and still ain't finished? It has been an interesting year though muse wise though. My mind and stories have opened up in ways I hadn't thought of before.

Here is to a productive new year!