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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Annnnnnnnnnnd I'm back!

*slides across the hardwood floor ala Risky Business and flops down to blog*

I just got the nicest compliment on Elyrian Brides: Octavia!  I’ve got three comments so far and all three gave it five stars.  I am touched by all three comments but the one that was the nicest to me stated that they didn’t normally like science fiction but that they thoroughly enjoyed my book. *sits smiling*  That was the most awesome thing for me to read today.  I needed that boost.

The reason I needed the boost?  Because I released Elyrian Brides: Sancecrea yesterday! *trying not to hyperventilate*  Seriously, Crea’s character comes from a whole different side of Baltimore.  I really like her and was afraid I didn’t do her story justice.  So I’m sitting here on tender hooks to see how people will receive the story.  It is just that I feel like I could have done better with her story.  Then I thought the same about Octavia.  And I’ll probably feel the same about Athena. *exasperated sigh at self*

Of note is that one of the readers who read Octavia’s story has already commented that she liked Crea’s story and felt I did a good job with it. She finished it in one night! *whew*  She said she understood her and she laughed and got mad.  Ok!  I think I got the story across to at least one person.  I hope I did for everyone who will pick up her story.  It can be purchased on Amazon here: Elyrian-Brides-Sancecrea

I am glad that people are reading it and enjoying it.  I am proud that I gave myself a deadline and stuck to it.  I am on a deadline for Athena’s story and am tooling along on it.  Lord willing and my computer doesn’t explode and my backups don’t turn to mush and the world doesn’t end, Athena’s story will be ready in time for the holidays.

I hope to have finished Seven’s story by then also.  My muse wants me to add more scenes before the ending.  I want to skip to the ending.  I’ve been looking forward to the ending for some time now.  I’ve always had this finish in mind from the first word until now.  So I just need to buckle down and do the dang thing.

Busy times ahead.  Yikes!  But I am really enjoying what I am doing.  And I am glad to know that some people are enjoying what I am doing.

It is strange, when almost no one was reading the book I was going along oblivious to the world around me and just typing away.  Once people started to like my book and a few have even friended me on FB – just a few I have 8 likes but still more than I expected – I realized that I didn’t want to let people down.  I’m going to put my all into Athena right now.  I want to be able to look at it and feel like I put my best foot forward for those who take the time to read the story.  Everyone’s time and money is precious.  I never want to lose sight of that fact.

Wow this has been an amazing year so far.  Two books on Amazon and working on two more.  And since my sister was terribly disappointed that she didn't have a physical book for me to autograph I have published Octavia’s story on CreateSpace.  So she can order herself a real live book and I can autograph it for her. *chuckle*  My family.  Gotta love them.

I told her to print it and I’d be glad to sign it but watching her face fall *sighs*.  It only took about three hours of my time and I am rather pleased with the finished product.  It is much more expensive since these are books on demand but it will be there for anyone who prefers a book to hold and caress and pages to turn.  Here is the finished product.

The physical book can be purchased on CreateSpace here: Elyrian Brides: Octavia on CreateSpace for now.  I have been assured that in no more than seven business days it will also link up to my Amazon page.  It was a pretty cool process.  It took me three hours to get everything situated on the pages the way I wanted and then design the cover.  Then this afternoon I gave it a final proof and approved.  Not bad for doing it myself if I do say so myself.

Amazon thought of everything, e-bookshelves, CreateSpace, and even a free e-reader for download to any PC/Laptop if you don’t have an e-reader.

Welp!  That is tricks for now.  Let me get back to story telling.


  1. I just finished Sancecrea... my only complaint is that it ended...I need more! You did a wonderful job. Going back to read Octavia.

  2. *blushes* Thank you, Amber! I'm glad you enjoyed it and can't wait to hear what you think of Octavia.


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