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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

And I'm back for more!

Whew! I'm still going through all my stories. I found yet another box full of stories, ideas and poems.  What so often happens is that once I get bored with a story or I've got too many of them running around in my head, I'll jot down some notes.  I've been doing that for years!

Hence the file cabinet, boxes, and bag of stories.  Do I have enough time to write all these stories out?  I can only hope and dive in and do my best.  I hope I will entertain others as I have entertained myself down through the years.

Nothing like laughing at the pictures in your own head and having people give you the whole seat on the bus. What? *wide eyed stare* That's what I wanted in the first place! *lqtms* Hey, the buses in Baltimore city are almost always over crowded.  I swear the only reason I broke down and bought a car this year was because of one of the last bus rides I had last year.  The bus was so crowded that I had had more pelvises pressed against me than a hooker when the sailors hit the harbor.  Ugh!  Not a fond memory.

So the cataloging continues. Thinking about stories that I'd like to flesh out and others that make me wonder what I was drinking at the time I wrote them up.  Those stories do not resemble any fantasy I've ever dreamed up.  However, the handwriting is all mine so I know I came up with the idea just not how or why.

Eh! It is entertaining me while the summer reruns bore everyone else.

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