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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Of Guardians, Gods, and Goddesses is LIVE!


What?  I’m excited!  I got the technical glitches worked out, I’m back on the publishing trail, and I’m enjoying it!

In case you missed it yesterday, Of Guardians, Gods, and Goddesses went live on yesterday!  Woooo hooo!  Here is the beautiful cover done by KiratheArtist!

The buy link is HERE!

I know I’ve said it before but I really want to thank everyone for being patient with me while I worked out the technical issues.  I appreciate your patience, patronage, and encouragement.  I even appreciate the prodding.  It is cold and flu season here, too.  A cold always makes me drag my butt for a few days.  So I had a few days when signing into Facebook and seeing the message “Where’s my book?” or my favorite “Give me what I want!” made me chuckle before opening my laptop and getting back to work.

You all are truly awesome and I am really grateful to finally have something to contribute to my community.

Most of my life I have tried one creative thing after another trying to find something to contribute to the community of mankind.  Seriously, I’ve tried pottery, sewing, knitting, and even calligraphy.  I was actually pretty good at calligraphy.  Pottery and sewing?  Eh!  One day I’ll post pictures of my finished products that will show why I gave them up.  Though it was fun trying.  Knitting?  *LOL*  Seriously laughing out loud.  My poor knitting teacher.  She stood over me, giving me step-by-step instructions that I followed to the letter.  So tell me why every time I held up my yarn everything unraveled?  She was in a quandary.  I remember vividly her saying, “I don’t understand why it’s not staying together.”

Meanwhile, I was doodling little stories and pieces of stories and tossing them in a file cabinet.  It isn’t that I didn’t think story telling wasn’t a worthy contribution.  It’s just that my stories were so different from what I was finding on library and bookstore shelves.  I thought I’d be the only one entertained by my stories.  That’s why I am so grateful and thankful to find that there are others who enjoy my stories just as much as I do.

So if I seem gushy with the thanks, it is because I am really happy to have people to share them with and I appreciate each and every one of you.

Okay.  Enough with the mushy stuff.  Keep an eye out for Elyrian Husbands coming March 30, 2015. 

Oh!  And I’m or rather Stormy Reddick is still working through the technical issues with Black Silk and Silken Death.  I’ll keep you all posted!

So that’s tricks.  Wishing you a great day and, no matter what you’re reading HAPPY READING!!!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"…and the technology gurus fixed all that shall be fixed and there was peace in Sunshine's life once again."

Well the holidays are officially over.  Booooooooooo!

However, I am back with the new publishing schedule. Yayyyyyyyyy!

I just want to say thank you to all of you for bearing with me while I worked out the technical issues.  Technology is grand when it works.  I just concentrate on how often and well it does work and shrug off the glitches.

So without further ado here it is!

March 2, 2015 Of Guardians, Gods, and Goddesses
Book three of the Ascension Earth series finds us back with Earth's guardians as Death begins the next step of Calypso’s plan.  Unbeknownst to her, he no longer has what she wants but he knows who has it.  He just has to find him and get it back.  That task, however, is not going to be as easy as he thought.

March 30, 2015        Elyrian Husbands
Kellat, Forin, Itaz, and Noom have been banished to Earth to find wives for themselves or spend the next two years trying. All four men are accustomed to doing things as a group on Elyria.  They soon find on Earth that they will have to do things differently.

April 27, 2015  Octavia’s Reign
Being a protector of Earth and Elyria is now part of her life whether she wants it or not. For the record, the Elyrians’ and the Axyslions’ combined technologies make it pretty easy.  They all know what they are supposed to do and how to do it for the most part.  What they don’t know they sit down and cooperate with each other until they find a way to make it happen. Octavia doesn’t have to do much more than let Kade make love to her and act as an ambassador of goodwill with the Axyslions.  There is the rub.  Not all the Axyslions have goodwill on the mind.

Also coming up this year but publishing dates haven’t been set yet:

Elyrian Brides: Minxy Choices
Elyrian Brides Courted II: Babs, Jill, Sharon, & Tracy

Stay tuned for more information as things get finalized on my end.

I’m also tooling around with my little fairy, Shawntiqua.  I left her and Booty on a cliffhanger and I really want to get back to what those two are up to.  Hopefully, once all the rest of my publishing dates get set for the year I’ll have more of their story.

That is tricks for now.  Take care and no matter what you are reading, happy reading!


Friday, November 28, 2014

Technical difficulties...

Technical difficulties suck at any time. There is no such thing as a good time for them.  They just show up at the worst times.

Ugh! I've been super quiet lately because I've been dealing with some of my own and working like crazy to keep it from interfering with my publishing schedule. I really have!  But it is with a sad heart that I have to announce that despite my best efforts I have to postpone the publishing of the remaining books on my schedule for this year.

Yeah.  I know.  I'm really disappointed too.  I've already posted the cover for OF GUARDIANS, GODS, AND GODDESSES.  But it can't be helped.

Hang in there with me folks and I'll keep you posted on the new publishing dates as each snafu gets fixed.

Thank you again for your support and patience *eyeing Barbara and Monique* while I work out these little kinks.

No matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


*chuckling* Well, another story is live on for your reading pleasure.

Elyrian Brides Courted takes place on Elyria. The Elyrians' secrets are out and more women are headed there every day. We get to meet four women who decide to take a chance on romance in the stars to see if all the hullabaloo is even real.  Well three out of the four do.  Meet Babs, Jill, Sharon, & Tracy and see how they begin their journey from Earth to Elyria and how they go about making the choice of a husband from twelve eligible Elyrian bachelors.

The link to purchase is HERE.

As always, it was a sincere pleasure and joy to write it and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thank you for your continued support of my missives.

Just a reminder, next month my alter ego, Stormy Reddick, will make her debut with Secrets of An American Ghetto. It is a very dark tale full of grisly murders, power struggles, and something else that I will leave readers to discover for themselves.

And there will be another story in the Ascension Earth series published next month. Time for Calypso to get what she wants. *waggles eyebrows* And maybe a few things she didn't want, too.

That's writing tricks with me. Have a great day!  And as always, no matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

You've asked and I'm answering!

Many people have asked about the time line of the Elyrian Brides Series.  As you, dear reader, may have noticed the time lines jump around from time to time. Blame my muse. She gives me these stories in order for the most part.  But every now and again a story will pop up out of order.

I wrote Octavia's story first.  By the time we join Octavia, the Elyrians have been walking around on Earth several months.  However, I wrote and published Tawnya's first story last year.  Tawnya's story takes place a few weeks after the governments of Earth reveal the presence of the Elyrians and their purpose for being here. Tawnya's first story is a short and her full length story is book seven in the series.

What can I do but say my muse jumps around a bit and apologize for the little trickster.  Though she is unrepentant. *smh*  And if the story that's percolating in my brain is any indication, I am imagining that the stories will jump around a bit more.

So for those dear readers who would like to know the linear time line of the Elyrian Brides Series, below is a time line.  The stories that are happening simultaneously or overlapping are on the same levels.  Going forward I will include the updated time line in each addition to the series.

Thank you all for your continued support and patronage!

No matter what you are reading, HAPPY READING!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is what had happened...

So a funny thing happened on the way to announcing that Elyrian Brides X: Athena The Lioness Trainer is live on 08.28.2014. Okay maybe not so much funny as just me being uber busy.  I know. How do you forget to announce your book on your own blog?  I don't know.  My apologies.  Really, I am sorry.

But it is live!  And here is the lovely cover art once again done by KiraTheArtist.  Link to buy is HERE!

As always, it was fun doing it. Really it was.  If it wasn't fun writing out these stories then I wouldn't do it.  One of the reasons I was so distracted was that I got the artwork for Stormy Reddick's first novel Secrets of An American Ghetto.  I'm really excited about getting that out, too.

Whew!  So much to do and only so many hours in a day to do it all in.  But I enjoy it and appreciate being able to share my stories with people.

Thank you for your kind support and happy reading!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Noble Truths is now LIVE!

Howdy!  Hi! And how ya doing?

Well another book has gone live!  *does a little office chair ballet*  Noble Truths is the fourth and final installment in the Chronicles of Callandaria Volume 1.  We pick up with our adventurers to mete out a bit of justice and heal some wounds.  Also, learn a bit more about the past, the present, and the future of Callandaria. *smiles*

I’m happy with the outcome of this part of the Chronicles.  I’ll be taking a break from the telling of the story to work on some other stories.  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to them.  There are more stories to tell and more conspiracies to uncover.

Here is the wonderful cover.  I decided to go with a real live model this time.  I think it is awesome.

The link to buy is HERE.

I am still working on plot bunnies, aka story ideas.  That is why I haven't done a #RatchetStoryHour in a few weeks.  I want to get back to that.  I want to know what happens to Booty’s charges.  And what is up with the Snitching fairy? *chuckling*  I don’t look at the recap until fifteen minutes before I get on Twitter so whatever comes out of my fingers is fresh.  I want to get back to the fairies’ majical shenanigans.  Hopefully, I’ll finish getting some of the story ideas sorted out soon so I can get back to it.

So that’s writing tricks!  Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement!  It is truly appreciated.

Now I’m off to write some more… or drink coffee and write.

Happy reading!