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Saturday, May 5, 2012

As the plots turn...

So, I’m tooling along revamping what I thought was book two of Elyrian Brides when my muse pulls me up short.  And a new character I have never thought of just shows up out of the blue.  Truth be told I had toyed with the idea of an around the way girl but nothing in detail.  Also, not as a main character, more of a supporting character.

My muse had other ideas.  Up popped her story, back story, opening scene and lines! LOL Here’s a snippet:
“But, girl, they’re yellow.”
Sancecrea Jeane’ Wilson’s neck did the black girl neck twist like no one else could.  With it she could curse you out, crack you up, and piss you off all with the one move.
“And their money is still green!  Don’t be no fool!”
Her friend Denay scrunched up her face.  “Say what you want, Crea, but it is weird.  I ain’t hanging out with no yellow dudes.  You can go over there without me.”
Sancerea, or Crea to her friends shook her head in disgust as she got up from the table and made her way through the noisy crowd in the club toward the group of yellow men who had just arrived.  The aliens had their own VIP section and any and all black women were welcome to party with them.  Well, if you could call it partying.
They kept a section just for themselves and female guests.  They bought bottles and rounds a plenty but they drank none of it.  They seemed to enjoy the company of the women.
Crea had her eye on one in particular but every time she saw him her mind went blank.  Everything about him said trouble in flashing neon letters.  Crea was well accustomed to the type and she wanted to get next to the yellow one yet to be named, as she thought of him, in the worst way.
Every time she tried someone, another Elyrian or black chick seemed to be in her way.  She had peeped him checking her out from time to time.  He always smiled and winked at her then went back to talking to whoever he was talking to at the time.  He always seemed to be in the midst of party but not part of it.
All the Elyrians had cash to burn or long money.  Somehow, though, she got the feeling that he was the one in charge.  He excited her and scared her a little, too.  All the more reason for her to get next to him. 
I love my muse.  Truly I do but she is a bit of a trickster.  Or perhaps she’s just smarter than me.  I’m all ready to head to Elyria and begin the next story.  I am quite amused at the twists and turns for Octavia.  Poor Kade is all I’m going to say.

However, my muse says there are other stories to tell on this side of the universe before I head on over to Elyria.

In the meantime though, here is chapter 17 of The Thief of Callandaria.

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