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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Inspiration, vacation, and pictures!

*yawns and stretches*

Man! I am burning the candle at all the ends these days. Since I came back from my vacation my muse has been on a roll. She is double thinking! Maybe even triple thinking!

I try to sleep and she’s talking kings, queens, and things unseen! *chuckles* Truly, she gave me two new story ideas on vacation. She’s showing me my next series. She’s mapping out the story that I’ve had in my head the longest. That heffa, the character not my muse, snagged yet one more song! *lqtms* She has a soundtrack going on now!  When I publish the first story in her series, I need Tyler Perry or someone to call me about making her movies.  Seriously.  Her tale is epic!

Plus, being on vacation made me see Baltimore differently. I took a cruise with my sister who is not a partier so I ended up resting more than I normally would on vacation. I even *gasp* left my laptop at home! You have no idea how much I did not want to leave it behind. But my muse wanted me to leave it and I did and I'm glad I did. I actually relaxed and when I relaxed the ideas flowed like water from a babbling brook. It was and still is just sweetness!

I took all the tours at each port we stopped in.  I realized that I didn’t know nearly as much of Baltimore’s story as I should. I found each little town fascinating for different reasons.  Baltimore’s history is just as rich and it is where I live.

So I have started doing the touristy thing with Baltimore. *chuckle* I took some pictures too! I uploaded them to my Facebook page and I figured I might as well put them here too.  A few of the pictures are of the buildings and one place in particular mentioned in Elyrian Brides: Sancecrea.

And yes they were taken from inside my car! Stop playing! The hood is real. People were looking at my parked car funny as it was. *chuckle*

Really funny and strange thing is that while I was debating if I wanted to take more than two quick pics of Crea’s spa, from inside my car, two little Caucasian girls jogged by me just as unconcerned.  I watched them in awe and shock. My thoughts were: What the hell are y’all doing out there? This is the hood! *smh smiling*

They jogged on by seemingly oblivious.  Or maybe they were shadows of things to come. Seriously they looked like two college girls, no older than 19-20.  There is a revitalization project going on but as you will see, it ain’t reached that part of North Avenue yet. I don’t expect it for another 20 years or more. But one never truly knows what the future holds, do they?

But several blocks down from the building are some new condos. Still, that was a far jog and I wouldn’t have advised it. *shrug*

The picture above is the Baltimore Cemetery that is mentioned in Elyrian Brides: Sansecrea. It is where North Avenue dead ends as if to say that if you stay here too long, it is waiting. But then Death is waiting for us all but it would be nice to die somewhere a lot nicer if you got the chance.

This is the front building of Crea's spa. I know I took a few liberties in the book but that is how I would redo it if given the chance. And no I would not make it into a spa. *smirk* You may be seeing more of this building in other stories.

Here is the side view.  As you can see there is a front building, a connector and then the back building which is three stories tall. Man the things that could be done with this whole block. As you see there are more houses just past the buildings. Most are boarded up and empty. Not a good spot for me to park or two little Caucasian girls to jog past. However, I did and they did. *still smh*

There are more pictures of Baltimore on my Facebook page here: Baltimore to my touristy eyes.

So that is what is going on with me. Oh! One more thing! I've started what a friend has entitled #RatchetStoryHour on Twitter. *chuckle*

It is basically a very ratchet and hood fairytale about two fairies named Shawntiqua and Booty and their quest to restore Majic to the hood. Yes, Majic. If you have a chance, do tune in. I do it on the fly. Seriously, with the other stories I am working on I don't have time to write anything out before hand. I just type what my muse shows me and hope it makes sense.

I do story telling Monday thru Friday from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm EST in the USA. So do feel free to check me out if you are looking for some free entertainment. My Twitter screen name is still CCDreamz.

Just a reminder, I'm human and have human things to do.  So I sometimes have to skip a day or two. Or like with my vacation a week! So have patience with me when I'm not able to get online. I do try to announce if there will be no story hour that night so people can plan accordingly.

That is all I can think of for now.

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