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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My muse called me boring...

*chuckling* Well, that's what it seemed like. I was doing some editing of book two of The Elyrian Brides and I kept falling asleep! *chuckles*  It finally dawned on me that some of the action scenes that I alluded to but never went into need to be hashed out.

I thought they were going to be ugly to do but it turns if the scene I saw open up yesterday is any indication then it won't be as bad as I thought. I just hate throwing drama and hard times at my characters. Yes, I know, without struggle there really is no plot. I just wish that they could sail simply and easily into their ever afters. But that is not reality. Heck even fairytales have strife in them. And anything worth having is worth fighting for. Love is definitely worth the fight when you have the right person.

So while I'm hashing things out with Book II of EB and Seven's tale because I finally figured out where I was going wrong on her story too take a look at a short story I worked out with some people I know in real life. The names have all been changed except for one and she's a ghost so I hope it doesn't matter much. She's my friends' ghost and that is the name they gave her. We really don't know her name for sure. *chuckle*

This story was borne out of the belief that black folk wouldn't do horror stories. Well of course we can! And we would. You just have to have the right circumstances. *chuckle* I've even got a paranormal story floating around in my head. I hope someday to have the time to write it all down. For now, have a peek at The Weekend Getaway.


  1. Nice post. I always tell people my story ideas are crammed into my head waiting to be released on paper. So, I can relate. Have a great day!
    M.J. Macie

    1. Yup, exactly it in a nutshell and the only way to get a little peace is to write them. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have a great one also!


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