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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sancecrea Revision!

Sooooooooooooo...since I did a revision of Sancecrea I decided to offer her free to all and sundry tomorrow. The ending hasn't changed, I've just added some details.

My muse is on somewhat of a hiatus. She's sending me ideas but we haven't hatched anything yet. I figured I'd take the holidays to relax and reconnect with the family. That's what I decided. *lqtm* But the ideas they still get me.

I truly have to reconnect with family and friends. I have the tendency to shut everyone and everything out. I have to salute the writers and storytellers who can do it with children under the roof. You can't tell the little one mommy or daddy will play with them after the release date. You'd miss so much if you did. I don't know how they do it and again I salute them.

I'm getting my house back in order over the holiday. *chuckle* It looks like a cyclone hit a paper factory and then my house. Ideas all over the place. I need to get them back where they belong. I have a feeling after our holiday break my muse will have me typing away again.

I know I didn't give a release date for my next and I'm working on that. I'll announce it here on my blog. I like having a deadline. It keeps me to my writing schedule.

Welp, other than that, all is cool with my world and I hope everyone is enjoying their particular holiday(s). There are pics up on my page of my birthday dinner at Medieval Times this year. *chuckle* Got to love my family.

Happy New Year!

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