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Friday, November 28, 2014

Technical difficulties...

Technical difficulties suck at any time. There is no such thing as a good time for them.  They just show up at the worst times.

Ugh! I've been super quiet lately because I've been dealing with some of my own and working like crazy to keep it from interfering with my publishing schedule. I really have!  But it is with a sad heart that I have to announce that despite my best efforts I have to postpone the publishing of the remaining books on my schedule for this year.

Yeah.  I know.  I'm really disappointed too.  I've already posted the cover for OF GUARDIANS, GODS, AND GODDESSES.  But it can't be helped.

Hang in there with me folks and I'll keep you posted on the new publishing dates as each snafu gets fixed.

Thank you again for your support and patience *eyeing Barbara and Monique* while I work out these little kinks.

No matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


*chuckling* Well, another story is live on for your reading pleasure.

Elyrian Brides Courted takes place on Elyria. The Elyrians' secrets are out and more women are headed there every day. We get to meet four women who decide to take a chance on romance in the stars to see if all the hullabaloo is even real.  Well three out of the four do.  Meet Babs, Jill, Sharon, & Tracy and see how they begin their journey from Earth to Elyria and how they go about making the choice of a husband from twelve eligible Elyrian bachelors.

The link to purchase is HERE.

As always, it was a sincere pleasure and joy to write it and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thank you for your continued support of my missives.

Just a reminder, next month my alter ego, Stormy Reddick, will make her debut with Secrets of An American Ghetto. It is a very dark tale full of grisly murders, power struggles, and something else that I will leave readers to discover for themselves.

And there will be another story in the Ascension Earth series published next month. Time for Calypso to get what she wants. *waggles eyebrows* And maybe a few things she didn't want, too.

That's writing tricks with me. Have a great day!  And as always, no matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!


Thursday, September 4, 2014

You've asked and I'm answering!

Many people have asked about the time line of the Elyrian Brides Series.  As you, dear reader, may have noticed the time lines jump around from time to time. Blame my muse. She gives me these stories in order for the most part.  But every now and again a story will pop up out of order.

I wrote Octavia's story first.  By the time we join Octavia, the Elyrians have been walking around on Earth several months.  However, I wrote and published Tawnya's first story last year.  Tawnya's story takes place a few weeks after the governments of Earth reveal the presence of the Elyrians and their purpose for being here. Tawnya's first story is a short and her full length story is book seven in the series.

What can I do but say my muse jumps around a bit and apologize for the little trickster.  Though she is unrepentant. *smh*  And if the story that's percolating in my brain is any indication, I am imagining that the stories will jump around a bit more.

So for those dear readers who would like to know the linear time line of the Elyrian Brides Series, below is a time line.  The stories that are happening simultaneously or overlapping are on the same levels.  Going forward I will include the updated time line in each addition to the series.

Thank you all for your continued support and patronage!

No matter what you are reading, HAPPY READING!


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This is what had happened...

So a funny thing happened on the way to announcing that Elyrian Brides X: Athena The Lioness Trainer is live on 08.28.2014. Okay maybe not so much funny as just me being uber busy.  I know. How do you forget to announce your book on your own blog?  I don't know.  My apologies.  Really, I am sorry.

But it is live!  And here is the lovely cover art once again done by KiraTheArtist.  Link to buy is HERE!

As always, it was fun doing it. Really it was.  If it wasn't fun writing out these stories then I wouldn't do it.  One of the reasons I was so distracted was that I got the artwork for Stormy Reddick's first novel Secrets of An American Ghetto.  I'm really excited about getting that out, too.

Whew!  So much to do and only so many hours in a day to do it all in.  But I enjoy it and appreciate being able to share my stories with people.

Thank you for your kind support and happy reading!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Noble Truths is now LIVE!

Howdy!  Hi! And how ya doing?

Well another book has gone live!  *does a little office chair ballet*  Noble Truths is the fourth and final installment in the Chronicles of Callandaria Volume 1.  We pick up with our adventurers to mete out a bit of justice and heal some wounds.  Also, learn a bit more about the past, the present, and the future of Callandaria. *smiles*

I’m happy with the outcome of this part of the Chronicles.  I’ll be taking a break from the telling of the story to work on some other stories.  Don’t worry, I’ll get back to them.  There are more stories to tell and more conspiracies to uncover.

Here is the wonderful cover.  I decided to go with a real live model this time.  I think it is awesome.

The link to buy is HERE.

I am still working on plot bunnies, aka story ideas.  That is why I haven't done a #RatchetStoryHour in a few weeks.  I want to get back to that.  I want to know what happens to Booty’s charges.  And what is up with the Snitching fairy? *chuckling*  I don’t look at the recap until fifteen minutes before I get on Twitter so whatever comes out of my fingers is fresh.  I want to get back to the fairies’ majical shenanigans.  Hopefully, I’ll finish getting some of the story ideas sorted out soon so I can get back to it.

So that’s writing tricks!  Thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement!  It is truly appreciated.

Now I’m off to write some more… or drink coffee and write.

Happy reading!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elyrian Brides: Minx is now available on!

Well, she’s live!  I mean that truly.  Minx is L-I-V-E!  She took me on some twists and turns to get to the last page of the story.  I kept looking at the words on the screen like, Minx…you…you… I want to be you when I grow up! *chuckling*

As always, I enjoyed telling her story.  Here is the cover by a wonderful young artist I found on who goes by the screen name BabyButta.  You can check out her page HERE.
Here’s the cover.

Here’s the LINK to purchase the book.  If you’re ever looking for me on DeviantArt my screen name is STReddick.  Check out some of my favorite artists and pictures.

I’ve missed the past couple of weeks’ #RatchetStoryHour due to multiple plots running around in my head.  I’m plotting what I’ll be publishing in 2015.  My muse just keeps my mind busy.  I’m so glad I have people to share the stories with.

Thank you all again for reading and enjoying my stories.  No matter what you’re reading, happy reading!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Elyrian Brides VIII (8): Sancecrea the Draconess is live!

And it actually went live on May 28th.  I announced on Facebook, Twitter, and DeviantArt.  I have no idea how I could have been remiss in announcing it here of all places!  My apologies!  Here is the cover done by the wonderfully talented KiraTheArtist.

*chuckles* Crea is kinda sorta coming into her own or at least trying to in this book. She's bringing a little hood to Elyria. As always I enjoyed writing it and hope you'll enjoy reading it.  Here is the link to purchase Elyrian Brides VIII (8).

And that is tricks for now. Take care and happy reading!

Friday, May 9, 2014

A creative thing happened on my way through the 30 blog post challenge.

So I just realized that I haven’t done an actual blog in a while.  Remember that whole thirty blogs in thirty days? *chuckling*  To be fair I said I’d try one a month.  Then creativity hit me and I’ve just been writing and writing and writing and writing… and well, you get the idea.  Any hoodles, I thought I’d take on the next topic on the list.

Where would you like to be in 10 years?

That is so simple.

On a beautiful tropical island that is well shielded from most if not all tropical storms.  I want to be surrounded by a bevy of cabana boys and friends.  My family can come down on the holidays by invitation only.

*imagines hearing crickets while I’m silently judged*

You cannot judge me until you’ve met ALL my family.  There are a few that can come down whenever they choose.  Then there’s one member of the family who I need some warning when they are coming so I can put away my valuables.  Don’t look at me like that.  Most families have one family member who is sticky fingered.  I still love them but I love my sparkly stuff and small electronics, too.  Just best to remove the temptation from them to keep the family peace.

So yeah, that’s where I’d like to be in ten years and with whom.  Feel free to drop me a comment on where you’d like to be in ten years.

Picture used courtesy of Title: Resort by Gualberto107

Monday, April 28, 2014

Stolen Elyrian Brides: Honey IS LIVE ON AMAZON.COM!!!!!

I promised myself I wouldn’t drop the ball this time by not announcing on the blog. *cheesy grin*

So here is my newest book just dropped today.  The cover art was done by another artist I found at DeviantArt who goes by the name of BabyButta.  Didn’t she do a fabulous job?

 Link to buy is HERE.

Stolen Elyrian Brides: Honey takes up the story of what happened to the women who were kidnapped from Earth.  It was fun as the heroine, Honey Love, is used to being the boss.  She ends up on a world where the men are the bosses and women have to simper their way to getting their way.  It is NOT how Honey is used to doing things.  It was interesting getting into her head.  Then getting into her heart.

The hero Gadden didn’t give me any trouble getting into his heart.  It was love at first sight for him.  It was interesting finding his soft side.  He doesn’t show it much.  You can blame his dad for that.

Oooooh! Have you ever wanted your very own Elyrian Brides tee?  Or an Ascension Earth Series tee?  Well, take a gander to your right and you'll see the link to my Zazzle store selling tees and baseball caps and soon more.

Told you I stay busy.  So that is tricks for now.  Now let me get back to these edits.  I’ve got a busy year ahead of me.

As always, thank you all for reading and enjoying my stories.  Have a great day and HAPPY READING!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Elyrian Brides: Tawnya's Loving

WELP!  Elyrian Brides: Tawnya’s Loving is live!  Whew!  Amazon is a busy distributor so sometimes even if I hit the publish button in their timeline it still takes a while for it to go live.  I’m not complaining.  I’m very appreciative of the ability to publish my stories in my own timeline.  I just don’t like to make the announcement until I KNOW the story is live.

Christmas can be a really crazy time to publish but I love giving a Christmas story.  Something to snuggle up with after the food has been eaten and put away.  The gifts have been opened and appreciated.  And the house is now quiet.  You can sit back and see how truly blessed you are and maybe indulge in a sweet story.
But Christmas is EVERY retailer’s busy season so it can take a little longer for some things to go live on Amazon’s site.  I try to build that into it.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.  

I've even had a glitch on a non-holiday.  Today everything went splendidly and I am happy to show that:

I had so much fun writing this sequel.  Tawnya was a joy to work with and I am so glad to have left her in a very good place.  An unexpected one but happy.

I have lots of brides in my head and I’ll keep telling you about them as long as you keep reading them.  It really is a labor of fun and shenanigans.

Now I’m going to go be creative.  Have a great day and again thank you all so much for reading my stories.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Next month, April 20th to be exact, will be my two year anniversary as a published writer! Woo hoo for me! To celebrate I am sponsoring a contest with some pretty cool prizes I think. Third Prize is an Elyrian Brides t-shirt. Second Prize is an Elyrian Brides t-shirt and baseball cap. The grand prize *drum roll* my complete works TO DATE in paperback autographed by me! *shakes my shimmy*

I hope everyone will stop by my Facebook page and enter. You can enter once a day from now until April 30, 2014.  Oh! The link is HERE CONTEST LINK!

Good luck!

Friday, January 31, 2014

My 2014 Offerings...



And an Awesomely Happy New Year to you all!

Well it was a great holiday season for me. I took some time to breathe and just enjoy family and friends after publishing Tawnya’s story. Thank you all for receiving her story so well. I love to tell stories but I am always a little nervous in how people will take them. You have all been very kind and I appreciate it greatly.

So now on to 2014!  Woo hoo!

Did you all think I would leave you in story limbo between Valentine’s Day when Soldiers Of Ascension comes out and July when Noble Truths arrives? Nah uhhhhh!  I just needed to get the particulars ironed out on a few things meaning I had to get my muse’s agreement.  Don’t look at me that way.  I’m telling you she’s real even if I can’t see, hear, or touch her.  Sometimes ideas just come out of the blue and I’ll be like, yeah maybe later. Then the idea won’t go away until I get working on it. I would never do that to myself. A drill sergeant of a muse would.  She rocks!

So to that end here is my publishing schedule for 2014

February 14th Soldiers of Ascension
Meet four of Calypso’s army Alect, Maethat, Ian, and Toll.  Each a man on a mission to help the people of Earth ascend in his own special way.

March 28th     SURPRISE! Hush! I think you will all love it!

April 28th        Stolen Elyrian Brides: Honey Love
Dracon Gadden Oanalan has been tasked with the awakening of the women stolen from Earth by Athan.  He has his hungry eyes set on a honey colored beauty aptly named Honey Love.  Honey Love was an exotic dancer by profession on Earth.  She awakens to a gorgeous mountain of a man well worth the climb if he will just shut the hell up. She never asked to come to Elyria and she isn’t sure she wants to be there and definitely not married to the arrogant know-it-all and his tantalizingly erotic yellow eyed gaze.  The two have met their match inside and outside the bedroom.  Can they come to a happy middle ground?

May 28th        Elyrian Brides: Sansecrea the Draconness
Crea is in trouble. At least she thinks she is. She’s agreed to a new life that makes her what she thought she wanted to be, The Boss Lady.  But things aren’t turning out the way she had hoped.  Izan’s still miffed, she’s got new duties that she knows nothing about and a mother-in-law who is a typical Elyrian woman.  Add to it Vex’s ever vexing presence and her family’s announcement that they are on their way to Elyria spells pure hilarious disaster.

June 28th        Elyrian Brides: Minx
Monique Indrea Nilana Xanders is best known as Minx to her friends for all the right and wrong reasons.  Her mother took one look at her and knew from birth that she would be trouble to any man.  She tried to warn them by appropriately nicknaming her Minx.  So far no man was paying attention.  Though Minx attracts her fair share of men, she can’t seem to settle on one in particular.  Then the Elyrian men arrive in all their shades of glorious yellow that don’t require her to do more than be gracious, charming, and well a minx.  Black, brown, and yellow men all vie, fuss, fight, and so much more for the heart of the fickle hearted, foul mouthed, hot temptress from the East side of Baltimore.  She only has to pick one.  Or does she?

July 28th         Noble Truths
The fourth and final installment in volume one of the Chronicles of Callandaria.  Dinay is gone but the battle to avenge her is just beginning.  Seven shall discover who and what she is.  Hessah will become what she never imagined she’d ever want to be.  Even the Noble Clan shall learn what it is to suffer painful truths.  When the dust settles lankires will fall, destinies will be manifested, and land boundaries will be redrawn again.

August 28th     Elyrian Brides: Athena the Lionesses Trainer
Athena is ready to show the men of Elyria what their women can do.  She just first has to show it to the women.  Many are called and some are even ready but still others are not even interested.  Tallon is enjoying loving her senseless and then sending her out to rally the women to her.  Her efforts have mixed results.  Some hilarious and many dangerous.

September 28th Elyrian Brides: Courted On Elyria
Meet Sharon, Jill, Babs, and Tracy.  Four women who took one look at the Elyrian men in brown and skeptically signed up to go.  After all, what did they have to lose?  Join them as they try to decide which of the twelve, yes twelve men a piece, will be the one to ultimately win their hearts.

October 28th   Of Guardians, Gods, and Goddesses
Book three of the Ascension Earth series finds us back with Earth's guardians as Death begins the next step of Calypso’s plan.  Unbeknownst to her, he no longer has what she wants but he knows who has it.  He just has to find him and get it back.  That task, however, is not going to be as easy as he thought.

November 28th  Elyrian Husbands
                        Kellat, Forin, Itaz, and Noom have been banished to Earth to find wives for themselves or spend the next two years trying. All four men are accustomed to doing things as a group on Elyria.  They soon find on Earth that they will have to do things differently.

December 28th  Octavia’s Reign
Being a protector of Earth and Elyria is now part of her life whether she wants it or not. For the record, Kade and Elyrian technology make it pretty easy.  They all know what they are supposed to do and how to do it for the most part.  What they don’t know they sit down and cooperate with each other until they find a way to make it happen. Octavia doesn’t have to do much more than let Kade make love to her and act as an ambassador of goodwill with the Axyslions.  There is the rub.  Not all the Axyslions have goodwill on the mind.

Whew!  I am hoping that will satisfy your hungry minds for a while.  If not, read on:

I’ve been imagining since before I could read. By the time I was a teen I was writing. I write when I’m happy. I write when I’m sad. I write when I’m angry. I even write when I’m horny. TMI I know but this is my segue into what I write when I’m in a dark mood. When I’m angry or sad or depressed it is pretty dark stuff.  So dark that Sunshine just isn’t the right name for them at all.  To that end I have decided to put them under the penname Stormy Reddick.  I’m just letting you know she’s out there in case you run across her on Amazon and wonder if we’re related.  The answer is I am she and she is me. *chuckle*  She’ll have her own Facebook page Stormy Reddick, too.  Here is what Stormy has in store for those so inclined to give her a read.

October 28th  Secrets of an American Ghetto
Detective Shoshanda Wright is working in the gang unit when things in her world begin to take a turn for the ugly.  Young black men are dying.  That’s nothing new in the ghetto.  Especially in the gang unit.  All the deaths are gang members so they must be gang related.  Right?  Dead wrong!  Through twists and turns that will take her from the back allies of the ghetto to the highest ranks of black and white social elite she will learn that revenge is never sweet.  It is however cold, calculating, and hard to expose.

1/28/2015        Black Silk and Silken Death
Detective Shoshanda Wright is on the trail of a serial killer that only she believes exists.  Not just believes.  She knows.  They came face to face once but all her hard evidence is gone.  Besides that, she’s still assigned to the gang squad and not homicide as her boss reminds her. Daily.  But there is a vigilante on the loose.  She can’t just turn a blind eye because the victims are gang members.  Can she?

No release date yet:
                        And Then There Was One?
Detective Shoshanda Wright is hurt, out of a job, and fighting to stay alive.  The plots she has discovered go so much deeper than she thought.  Much higher, too.  Higher than any government, social elitist, or corporation could even aspire to being.  It has been a rollercoaster ride to the finish and all she wants to do now is call a truce and let bygones be bygones.  Gang bangers just ain’t worth all of this!  But all knowledge comes at a price and The Power Behind It All must have their due.

The Hell Driver 
Somewhere along a stretch of deserted highway is a town that no longer exists.  It existed once in a time when most black people believed that dreams could come true. That separate and equal was just fine. White people could have theirs as long as black people had theirs. But things that should be so simple between black and white sometimes aren’t. Meet the simplifier.

I’m single.  I don’t have any children and my muse is high energy. *chuckle* Plus most importantly, I really love sharing my stories with people.  So if I go quiet on y’all, I’m just trying to decide which stories will come out next.

Happy reading!