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Sunday, September 28, 2014


*chuckling* Well, another story is live on for your reading pleasure.

Elyrian Brides Courted takes place on Elyria. The Elyrians' secrets are out and more women are headed there every day. We get to meet four women who decide to take a chance on romance in the stars to see if all the hullabaloo is even real.  Well three out of the four do.  Meet Babs, Jill, Sharon, & Tracy and see how they begin their journey from Earth to Elyria and how they go about making the choice of a husband from twelve eligible Elyrian bachelors.

The link to purchase is HERE.

As always, it was a sincere pleasure and joy to write it and I hope you will enjoy reading it. Thank you for your continued support of my missives.

Just a reminder, next month my alter ego, Stormy Reddick, will make her debut with Secrets of An American Ghetto. It is a very dark tale full of grisly murders, power struggles, and something else that I will leave readers to discover for themselves.

And there will be another story in the Ascension Earth series published next month. Time for Calypso to get what she wants. *waggles eyebrows* And maybe a few things she didn't want, too.

That's writing tricks with me. Have a great day!  And as always, no matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!



  1. It is the day of tricks and treats; I feel like a great treat will follow this trick of not publishing in the month of October. �� But I'm feeling like #7 felt last week- "is it my day yet?" GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!

  2. And yes I know that Stormy published this month; I already bought her tale. (Looks back and snickers at that unintended pun.) IJS, I'm trying to get all up in Calypso and Ian's business.


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