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Thursday, September 4, 2014

You've asked and I'm answering!

Many people have asked about the time line of the Elyrian Brides Series.  As you, dear reader, may have noticed the time lines jump around from time to time. Blame my muse. She gives me these stories in order for the most part.  But every now and again a story will pop up out of order.

I wrote Octavia's story first.  By the time we join Octavia, the Elyrians have been walking around on Earth several months.  However, I wrote and published Tawnya's first story last year.  Tawnya's story takes place a few weeks after the governments of Earth reveal the presence of the Elyrians and their purpose for being here. Tawnya's first story is a short and her full length story is book seven in the series.

What can I do but say my muse jumps around a bit and apologize for the little trickster.  Though she is unrepentant. *smh*  And if the story that's percolating in my brain is any indication, I am imagining that the stories will jump around a bit more.

So for those dear readers who would like to know the linear time line of the Elyrian Brides Series, below is a time line.  The stories that are happening simultaneously or overlapping are on the same levels.  Going forward I will include the updated time line in each addition to the series.

Thank you all for your continued support and patronage!

No matter what you are reading, HAPPY READING!


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