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Friday, November 28, 2014

Technical difficulties...

Technical difficulties suck at any time. There is no such thing as a good time for them.  They just show up at the worst times.

Ugh! I've been super quiet lately because I've been dealing with some of my own and working like crazy to keep it from interfering with my publishing schedule. I really have!  But it is with a sad heart that I have to announce that despite my best efforts I have to postpone the publishing of the remaining books on my schedule for this year.

Yeah.  I know.  I'm really disappointed too.  I've already posted the cover for OF GUARDIANS, GODS, AND GODDESSES.  But it can't be helped.

Hang in there with me folks and I'll keep you posted on the new publishing dates as each snafu gets fixed.

Thank you again for your support and patience *eyeing Barbara and Monique* while I work out these little kinks.

No matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!


  1. I'm all discombobulated right now... Why Lawd, WHY!?!?

    1. Don't worry, Barbara, you shall read soon! Well, I hope you're reading someone else while I work through the technical difficulty.


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