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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A day late but better late than never.

Another story is on the shelves so to speak. Elyrian Husbands went live this morning after a minor snafu on my end yesterday. *feels judging eyes* What? No one is perfect. I was just excited to be back on schedule. So maybe I should have stuck around until Amazon said that there were no errors before I closed my browser. I live and learn.

Here is the cute cover.

The link to by is HERE! *relieved sigh*

So that leaves Octavia's Reign to hit the shelves and I'm back on schedule.  Whoo hoo!  So I'll soon have publishing dates for Minxy Choices and Courted II.  I can't wait to get those in your hands.

I'm participating in #CampNaNoWritMo in April.  For those not in the know, it is an e-camp for writers to challenge themselves to write a novel in a month.  I've already got the title, synopsis, and started working on it.  It is Elyrian Brides: Mimi (title is subject to change).  Here is the synopsis:
Mimi Tremont is in training to be a world class jewel thief. She's smart, classy, and full of that certain something that immediately catches a certain vexing Elyrian male's attention. But Vex has nothing that Mimi is interested in stealing or does he?

Vex has arrived on Earth and spies something strange. A feminine silhouette slinking around corners and scaling not so small buildings. He's intrigued with what he is sure is his imagination. He's both love and sex starved and he's sure his mind is playing tricks on him. Upon closer investigation he finds Mimi doing what Mimi wants to do best. Steal. Now if only he can get her to see the value in stealing his heart.
Vex is going to drive Mimi crazy. *chuckles* He's just terrible. *chuckling harder* Wish me luck on my challenge.

Then if that isn't enough, I've got a new story idea I'm working on that I'm trying to keep mum about. I'm terrible at keeping secrets.  It is really a tantalizing idea. I haven't written a word yet which is why I'm keeping mum. But the scenes are shaping up nicely that I can see.  Here's hoping I'll have something new for you to fall in love with by 2016.

And for those wondering, Stormy hasn't forgotten she owes you three books. The technological clean up on those is coming along nicely and I hope - uh - she hopes to have them out this year, too.


Yep!  I've been a published teller of stories for three years now! Time to celebrate with gifts for you kind and faithful readers. Contest rules and questions to be posted this week. I hope you are all caught up on your Elyrian Brides facts.  You're going to need them this year.  I've posted a few of the prizes up for grabs on my facebook page HERE.

So that is tricks for now.  Thank you all for your continued support!  And no matter what you're reading, HAPPY READING!


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