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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Destinies Revealed! is LIVE!

Happy Thanksgiving! *stomach rumbles*

I hope everyone is having a wonderful and safe holiday if you celebrate. If not, happy Thursday the weekend is almost here!

Well, here it is!  Book three of The Chronicles of Callandaria, Destinies Revealed! As always, I enjoyed the journey through this story and hope you will, too. Here is the stunning cover art by none other than the very talented Shakira Rivers aka KiraTheArtist on

Like the sword? Hessah designed it herself. Don't look at me that way! She did!  *chuckles* The book is available on Amazon HERE.

I am currently working on prettying up the Christmas surprise. From some of the comments on my Facebook page I am pretty sure a lot of you will be very happy. I know I am just so tickled I can barely contain it. I've almost spilled the beans a few times. But I love fun surprises so I will do my best to contain myself.

Until then, have a great day, holiday, and weekend! Thank you so much for continuing to make me part of your reading pleasure.

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