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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


*chuckles at post title* I couldn't help myself! It is almost Halloween after all and I have released a dark tale. A tale of love, lust, lies, and legends.

The story is entitled, Give Me What I Want. Below is the cover stunningly drawn by the talented Shakira Rivers. You can find Shakira through these links to her pages on DeviantArt and on Facebook.

Here is a snippet:

“Give me what I want!”

The sultry siren of the sea, Calypso, demanded though her lips never moved.  She took the form of the dark beauty of the Caribbean, with long flowing braids decorated with gold, pearls, and other treasures of the deep.  Being a woman she had changed the color of her hair to the purest white because.  No other reason.  Just because.

Her skin, the color of polished mahogany, glowed with life before the dull dark man she confronted.  They both shared one physical trait in common.  Gray pupils that looked like a clock’s face with the hands stuck at five minutes to eleven.

She held in her hand one of her many scepters of power.  This one the color of the inside of a lonculan shell.  A species of mollusk that hadn’t been seen on Earth in half her life.  Rightly so as it had been large enough to devour whole metropolises in its day.  It was one of her less than prudent creations.  Though it had ridded the Earth of the dinosaurs before starving to death for lack of food.

Her scepter glowed with a thousand and one shades of pink as she punctuated each word by stabbing at the earth that was not like any earth that short life mortals had ever seen.  At least not like earth that the short lifers of the planet Earth had seen.

Calypso was tired of the short lifers of Earth.  Even the name of their planet lacks originality.  Earth.  Dirt.  They call their world dirt!

She repeated her demand again and allowed the creatures of the sea to speak for her.  “Give” stab and a crab croaked the word advancing on the dark man. 

“Me” stab again and the crab morphed into a giant clam just a few steps beyond where the crab once stood. 

“What” the clam split in two as the head of a squid larger than the previous messenger appeared.  Its tentacles lashed out at the man who stood unmoved. 

“I” and the head of a kraken emerged from the squid as it turned itself inside out.  The dirt moved but still not the man. 

“Want!”  And the siren appeared calm as you please.

He had witnessed this scene all before.  Even the white locks.  He was tired of it.  So very tired of it.  Sixty-five thousand years of tired.

“You know I cannot, Calypso.”

Her voice settled down into a sweet island girl’s lilt.  “Then I cannot give you what you want.”

Calypso has been a challenge to me. Her moods change with the tides or the tides change with her moods. I'm still not quite sure. One thing I know for sure is that she's tired of Earth and she's got other things to do. Don't mess with a woman on a mission. Especially after she's been wronged!

It had been my intent to publish tomorrow. I submitted the manuscript to Amazon for review. They've got to make sure the book is up to their standards to publish.  Usually this takes anywhere between twelve and twenty-four hours for them to review.  Imagine my surprise to find they were done well before midnight. So because of Amazon's speedy service for today and tomorrow, All Hallows Eve, the book will be $0.99! That's right, $0.99! I love Halloween and this is my way of saying thank you to everyone keeping up with my stories.

I hope you will enjoy this tale and that it will keep you happily entertained.

Happy reading!

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