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Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Declaration!

So, I have decided to get busy. I’m doing pretty well I think. *chuckle* I finally cleared off my workspace.

I am going to take another look at that first rejected story and get started on revising it. I am going to keep working on TTOC. As a matter of fact I’ve uploaded Chapter 2! *pats self on back*

I'm still not quite as happy with it as I would like but it is a work in progress and this is only the first draft.
I am also going to be rather ambitious here and say that by this time next year I will either be finished 8 stories or will have at least started them. *looks Heavenward*

So here is to my muse, my ego and all the stories within. May we form the perfect alliance and produce and produce and produce and produce and produce ad finum! And may my stories find their audience.

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