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Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's been how long????

Happy New Year!
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Happy St. Paddy’s Day!
Happy Easter!
Happy Mother’s Day!
And that is where I’ll stop!  I don’t normally wish people happy Memorial Day.  It is not a happy day but a solemn one to me.  It is the day when we remember those who have fought and died for our freedom in wars past and, unfortunately, present.  It is a day of remembrance for real life heroes to me.  It is bittersweet to think of the bright spirits who fought, were maimed and died so that I could have all the wonderful freedoms that I have.  Thank you seems so inadequate for their precious sacrifices.
So, long time no blog on my end and for that I am sorry.  I really didn’t mean to be gone so long but look at these new additions to my family.
My new niece.

My new nephew.

They needed spoiling.  Who better than me to spoil them?  They arrived last year and I’ve been busy being a good aunty.  But never fear, I’m still writing.  Just spoiling more than writing.  One of the little darlings has crossed into his first year and the little niece is headed for her first birthday soon.  He’s a rough and tumble boy, look out Olympic Gymnastics team. *chuckling* And she is the sweetest thing.  All she wants to do is sit on your lap, play and giggle.
With sweeties like these is there any wonder that I’m writing slower?  So don’t blame me, blame their parents.  That’s my excuse and it is true.
Anyhoodles, I hope this missive finds you all in good spirits and chomping at the bit for Mimi’s Reign.  Don’t fall in love with that title.  *chuckling*  That is the thing about self-publishing.  I may keep myself to a schedule but titles are subject to change up until I push the publish button. *Lqtms*
I stopped by because I wanted to share how I spent my Mother’s Day.  My mother, may the Lord God rest her soul after dealing with me, has passed on.  But we get together to celebrate the moms in our family.
This Mother’s Day we went to one of our usual spots here in Baltimore, Martin’s East.  They have a buffet luncheon with goo-gobs of food and lots of music along with door prizes.  As usual it was a total blast.
There is a Martin’s West but I like going to Martin’s East because there is a senior couple that come every year.  They are in their 80s and just as in love as they can be.  The DJ will play a song from the 1940s or 50s just for them to dance to and it is so heartwarming to see love that has stood the test of time, war, and peace.  They are a beautiful reminder of the love we all seek.
This year, they got up and danced the Electric Slide with us younger folks.  We all cheered them as they did the steps with us.  We had some salsa music for our hispanic families and so much more.
There was a grandmother there in her 80s with a sparkly cane.  She made her way to the dance floor with what looked like 7 or 8 granddaughters in tow.  They danced a circle around her while she shook her shimmy.  You know I had to get out on the dance floor then.  I had been challenged! *chuckling*
Through it all I just enjoyed the comaraderie.  The celebration of us human beings.  People wishing every woman Happy Mother’s Day!  When I said I wasn’t a mom, I was corrected.  “You have mothered someone in some way.  You’re an aunt, a godmother, a friend, a nurturer, a stranger holding a lost child’s hand until they locate their frantic parent.  In some way you have mothered someone who needed it.  So Happy Mother’s Day!”
This is when I love being human and being a citizen of the USA.  When we just celebrate each other.  When we put forward the best of ourselves to reach out and touch the best in each other.
That’s how I spent Mother’s Day afternoon, connecting with the best in a banquet hall full of people of all ages and skin colors and creeds in their happiest and best moments.
I hope you were able to do the same.
Take great care of yourselves and as always, no matter what you’re reading: HAPPY READING!


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