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Tuesday, February 19, 2013


*teary eyed*

I just wanted to take a pause and thank everyone who commented that they loved my stories. Each bride is different and each one has her fans. But *hand to heart* it really means a lot to me that there are people out there that enjoy reading these stories. I really appreciate knowing what people liked and didn't like about the stories.

I'm just really touched and all in my feelings that people took the time to tell me how they felt. Even those who didn't like it. I don't take it personal as I know not every story is for everyone. I've read books I didn't particularly like either. So it goes that there would be some who didn't like my stories.

Just to those who did and took the time to say so, thank you so very much. I am really humbled and touched. *waves hand in front of dampening eyelashes*

Okay, now I will get back to work before some folks come shoo me off the internet. If I spend too much time online they always find me (Jill, Monica, Barbara, and Wanda) and send me back to story land. I've got sequels to write!

Thank you and my best to you all,



  1. Thank you for putting my name in your blog. Cool. Thank you for writing such fantastic books. So all the nice words are cool. But back to work on those Elyrian books NOW. ;)


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