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Friday, November 25, 2011

New story idea

I was awake in the wee hours of this Black Friday morning. I should have been exhaused as I had not slept much because of Thanksgiving preparations. I wasn't awake because I was going shopping. *eyeroll* But I had the most interesting ideas running around in my head about ways to legitmately make money. I have a full-time paycheck coming in that I am very happy and blessed to have. Still, I think that I can come up with a better more fulfilling way to earn a living. I was running some ideas around in my head when one of them lead me to a story idea and even the story title.

I'm just kind of wondering who should/will be the main protagonist and who will tell the story. How should it be told. Just kicking it around. Once I had the title, sleep came a calling.

I haven't started the 8 stories that I had hoped to have started this time last year.  Unless just thinking about them counts. *chuckle*

I thought about just jumping in and starting some of the stories that I have written up notes on but my muse was not inspired to do I didn't. *eyes a couple stories' notes sitting to the side*  Still I am happy that I have started four.  Though, I'm not sure whether I'll complete one of those four as it was born out of frustration one day. *shrug*

Other than that I'm pretty optimistic with how things are going with my stories.

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