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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hmmm...I've been gone that long, eh?

Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile. It has been a rough summer for me. I had some dental issues and they are giving my immune system a fit. *weak smile* Still through it all I am constantly thinking and sorting stories and characters. I’ve even made headway on a book that I knew I had to revamp. *chuckle* Maybe it was the pain meds that helped me out. *shrug* But it gave me some great ideas and insights into the story or stories really.

It is a series of novels. I have no idea how many yet. I thought that the one I’ve completed was book one and now realize it is book two. *chuckling* So I’ve started book one and it is coming along nicely. I’ve got close to ten thousand words written on it. Book two just needs to be revamped a bit. Heaven helped me, because I’ve gotten 31 thousand words written on book three! YIPPEEE!!!!

I finally stopped fighting my flighty muse and just follow where it leads me now. No, I haven’t forgotten about Seven. There are more chapters that I haven’t posted. They need some tightening. As my health permits I shall do so. I’m really rather tickled about the process. It is like once one story gets dry or stale one of the others picks up where it left off and I’m off on a new journey.

I guess not a moment too soon, eh? It is rather relaxing for me now. Before I struggled and tried to make it all so perfect. For whom exactly I don’t know because only a select few people have ever read anything I’ve written.

Well back to my muse. I just saw a scene open up for me.

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