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Sunday, March 13, 2011

So my writing process and why it is taking so long to just finish this story up

As always my persnicketiness gets in the way. I want it to be perfect. But it never is, at least to me. I took a break from TTOC and then went back and read it again. I see my timing is off again. I am always in a hurry to get to the end. *chuckle* So sometimes I miss a lot of the meat that goes into the story. Still I haven’t done as badly as I have in the past. I am getting better. Somewhat. *smirk*

If you notice, I haven’t described the men yet. That is because I haven’t sorted them out yet. I have a vague idea what they look like. Sometimes I can see my characters clearly right from the beginning, like with Seven. I saw Seven before I even saw her story. In the bag from the post below, I found the first draft of Seven’s story. *smh* It is so different from what it is now. It didn’t even start the same.

Then for some characters, as the story progresses I see them more clearly until I can describe them in detail. Still others come to life as I write or type. They just materialize out of nothing. Sera Beandi was like that. You’ll meet him shortly.

It really is an amazing thing to me to be part of this process. So without further ado, Chapter 7 of The Thief Of Callandaria.

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